As a new mom, starting my YouTube channel completely changed my life for the better.
I could be home with my kids more,
earn more money for my family,
and make videos I’m incredibly passionate about. 


Meet Your Teacher

Hey love- I'm Brianna K, a wife and mom of two littles from Cleveland, OH. I started sharing my journey as a new mom and my passion for cleaning and decorating on YouTube. I grew my channel to over a quarter million subscribers with a multiple six-figure income. I'm able to have more time with my babies, contribute financially to our family, and do it all from my home. I'm so ready to help you learn how to do this too!


Learn the information I wish I had from the beginning and gain the confidence you need to have a strong start on YouTube.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is not your average YouTube course-  it's interactive teaching, a community, and a coach.

  • This course is 12 modules that were taught LIVE! If you join after the course begins, you'll receive all the pre-recorded modules and course information. The course will include q+a's and coaching around topics tailored to the members needs.
  • Members join an exclusive community group with fellow YouTubers to collaborate on videos, share tips, get coaching support and learn insider knowledge beyond the length of the course.
  • There will also be special guest appearances throughout the program for additional learning and growth.
  • The course includes printable resources and checklists, as well as access to the video recordings of all classes (just in case you miss any!).
  • And most importantly, you're getting support to make this dream happen.

Being a YouTuber is not easy, and it can be incredibly isolating- just like being a mom. By joining this course, you're getting leadership development and support from a mom who's right there with you.  

The course consists of 12 one-hour modules. Currently modules 1 - 7 are available as recordings (recorded from our live sessions) and taught every Monday now until May 18th at 1:00 PM ET. Members receive pre-work and recommended assignments between each class for enhanced learning and accountability. 

The course covers the following topics:

  • How to name and brand your channel + business
  • How to niche down and identify trends in your niche
  • How to select filming + editing equipment
  • Editing tutorial, tips and storytelling techniques
  • How to make thumbnails
  • How to write title, descriptions, and tags for SEO
  • How to grow your channel and views
  • How to plan content your audience wants to see
  • How to build buzz + launch your channel
  • How to engage with your audience + build community + handle criticism with grace
  • How to collab + network 
  • How to analyze your data to optimize future performance 
  • How to work with brands + affiliate marketing
  • How to set up your business
  • How to build an email list
  • How to develop and cross promote on socials (IG, Blogs, Twitter, Pinterest + more)
  • How to style yourself for on camera
  • How to feel confident + help your audience and community with the gifts God gave you

Courses will be recorded and all members will have access to the recordings after each live session. 

"Bri is constantly aware of YouTube algorithm changes and tailors her advice to navigate a strategic rise in channel views and engagement. Her unique perspective is key in growing female run channels as she offers tested knowledge with personally proven results. I highly recommend Bri’s course to everyone who’s ready to get serious about YouTube and a personal brand. Anyone can be successful when you implement the carefully crafted information Bri can teach you."

Alexandra Beuter

"When I met Brianna, I had less than 6,000 subscribers. She gave me so much amazing advice about YouTube and how to grow my channel. Ever since then she has been like a mentor to me. I have gone to her about advice on thumbnails, video ideas, and even how to determine my worth when working with brands. I have learned so much from her over the last 2 years and contribute so much of my success to her wisdom and advice. I'm so grateful to have learned so much from Brianna."

Amy Darley

"I was so overwhelmed when I first came to Brianna. I knew I would love to set up a YT channel but had no idea about where to even begin. She immediately made me feel so at ease and guided me through every part of it with such light I was amazed at how quickly I gained clarity at not just my focus but also how I can truly make this dream a reality! She is a total ray of light and one of the most genuine and authentic people you will ever meet. Invest in her course it will be the best decision and investment you could possibly make!"

Leanne Mosley
Life Coach + New YouTuber

"Brianna has a way of both encouraging and motivating you, no matter what type of channel you have. Her tips are practical and realistic, and her passion for YouTube is contagious. She inspired me to start a brand new channel and conquer my fears, and I'll be forever grateful to her for that. You will not regret taking this class!"

Courtney Allison

"Every time Brianna teaches me something, which is often, I walk away inspired and motivated.  She’s a wealth of trustworthy, quality advice and she delivers her expertise in an inspiring way that leaves you feeling like you just got the best inside scoop from the business coach/big sister you never had."

Sarah Siems

"I wholeheartedly would recommend taking Brianna’s course on launching a Youtube channel. She has had so much success! I am in awe of how hard of a worker she is. She will serve as an excellent resource for you to learn how the business works and how you can make this into your career! Her ideas, tips, and creativity helped me launch my blog as well as my social media page! One of my biggest take-aways from talking to Bri was her recommendation to collaborate with others. Since she gave me that advice, I have made connections with people plus, I have seen a ton of growth in my followers! I have her to thank for helping me understand what it means to have an online business! Thank you Brianna!!"

Deena Keller
Online Business Owner

"If you’re a little unsure whether you want to go ahead with the “How to start a YouTube channel” course by Brianna I want let you know my thoughts on it. Brianna has given me so much valuable advice and tips on how I can improve my channel, she’s really researched what I do and has come back to me with some great changes I can make to improve what I already have. Lots of information I would never have found on YouTube myself, and I do a lot of research usually. I’m really grateful for the help, and I think you will learn SO much from this course whether you are just starting up or have been doing YouTube like myself for a few years. If YouTube is something you want to get into or if you want to improve and grow your existing channel then I’d highly recommend this course. Brianna is super successful, kind, and has so much knowledge. She really cares about others and will do her absolute best to make sure you take something great away from this."

Liza Prideaux

"I wanted to take a moment and share the experience I have had navigating my YouTube journey with Brianna's guidance. First, trying to understand Youtube can be very confusing and discouraging. However, having Brianna share her expertise definitely helped ease my mind. She was able to strategically assist me in making content that would have the most success. Having insider knowledge ensures that my channel picks up momentum and succeeds. I am sure that any aspiring Youtuber will be set up for success using Brianna's tips- I sure am! "

Lynn White

"I've had the pleasure of knowing Bri for many years...since high school to be exact. I have followed Bri's YouTube journey and have seen her channel grow to one of the biggest in her niche. When it comes to YouTube strategy, growing a channel, and building a loyal community, I would absolutely recommend Bri and her course any day of the week!"

Marko Zlatic

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